Piera SebastianiSo - at 50 years of age her dreamfinally comes true: she returns to painting, drawing, working clay; opening a workshop in Vetralla, northern Lazio, where she has been living in an apartment, in the historic centre of town overlooking the Maremma, the rolling hills which slope to the sea at Tarquinia.
Born in Rome the youngest of a large family; growing up she rebelled against her parents wishes, they wanted her to devote herself to classical studies. But she loved art and won her battle by graduating from an art school on the outskirts of Rome on the Appia Antica. In 1969 she trains at the Arti ornamentali school in Via San Giacomo and specializes in textile design. That same year her works are displayed at the Galleria di Arte Moderna and are a great success. In 1976 she takes up teaching design and art history. 
Life, however,leads her to more business-oriented activities and she no longer has time for art on a full-time basis: she starts designing and selling jewellery for an Italian company, then switches to tourism, travelling a lot but still managing to spend some time watercolouring.
She is a great sportswoman: she loves skiing, both on snow and water, sails and rides; unfortunately, a nasty riding accident puts an end to this reckless side of life.
She decorates gardens with plants and flowers, furnishes apartments, houses and historical villas, works clay creating highly imaginative head-shaped pots, breeds dogs and one day, inspired by a study of her family, takes up painting family trees. Relations and friends take advantage of her skills and what started as a hobby turns into a successful business. She has painted many family trees for prominent Italian and foreign families. Based on information gathered, she initiates several projects and, as a result, creates a family tree entirely in watercolour and India ink, with customized branches. All names are handwritten in ink and sizes vary between 20 x 30 cms to a max of 100 x 160/180 cms. She also paints special event calendars, balloons with names and dates to be remembered.
Designer, painter, sculptor, - this then is Piera Sebastiani; and her 'Inartepilu'